Porto Velho, Brazil

The Santo Antônio Dam is part of a major ‘Run-of-the-river’ hydroelectric power plant development on the Madeira River, in the West of Brazil. The dam has 50 turbines in 4 Power Houses, with a total capacity of 3,150.4 MW, enough to supply the needs of more than 45 million people to live, work and play in the region. The total investment was approximately $8 billion.

Project Requirements

Due to the importance and location of the below ground and underwater reinforced concrete structures, plus the high value ‘state-of-the-art’ electronics and electrical equipment inside, durable waterproofing solutions were required.

As with any below ground or water retaining reinforced concrete structures, it was also necessary to design and have available, systems to repair and reliably seal and waterproof any other cracks, damage or construction defects such as honeycombing and damage due to displaced waterbars etc.

Sika Solutions

After extensive evaluations the project engineers selected a complete Sika System Solution for the remedial waterproofing that was fast, efficient and proven to be very effective.

Products Used

SikaFuko® Eco 1
Sika® Waterbar
Sika® Injection-201 CE
Sika® Injection-101 RC
Sika® Injection-304

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Project Participants

Main Contractor
Odebrecht and Andrade Gutierrez

Consórcio Santo Antônio Civil